Foot Massage

Get a refresh that will lighten you up and feel the sensation of walking on air after. Our reflexology sessions will bring you the extraordinary relaxation that you deserve. Our massagists will be focusing on pressure points on your feet which will relieve stress and pain in corresponding parts of your body. Their thorough rubbing will also ease and relax the tense muscle on your feet and legs.

Body Massage

Full and deep relaxation that will change you to a new person! With a full, one-hour session, our massagists will cover all of your sore spots and make them as new!

First Time Customer (for Body Massage)

We understand that trying out a new massage place could be troublesome from time to time. That’s why we are giving our first time customers a special price! Don’t miss out!

60 min. Foot Massage Special

60 minutes foot massage with FREE hot stone.

30 min. Foot Massage Special

30 minutes foot massage with FREE hot stone.

60 min. Body Massage Special

60 minutes body massage with FREE hot stone.

30 min. Body Massage Special

30 minutes body massage with FREE hot stone.

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